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Top Firebase App Development Company.

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Building a database that allows flawless interaction between the application and database storage while ensuring real-time synchronisation represents the key characteristics of Firebase. Biwabits is an expert Firebase development company with years of experience in building a cloud-hosted database that stores files in JSON format.

As an advanced database management system, Firebase is swift, sorted, and a clean ecosystem to build and integrate applications (both mobile and web). At Biwabits, we can help you not only develop, but also upgrade and maintain your Firebase database management system to ensure a seamless business operational integrity.

We are well versed in Firebase’s Android, iOS, and Javascript SDK and develop bespoke applications that are backed by Google’s infrastructure. We have been working with Firebase since even before it was acquired by Google. Mustering the expertise of our Firebase database architects and application developers we ideate and build a highly efficient, fast, and scalable solution for your business taking it to the next level.

Firebase helps us give a fully responsive experience to your users, even when they are offline. It has several internal authentication peripherals that protect the user data and also show it across all the connected devices in real-time. One of the key highlights of our Firebase app development services includes structuring the entire database as per your requirements and business needs. This helps you leverage the best Firebase has to offer with Google at the backend.

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Why Firebase App Development?

Quicker Development

Create a top-notch app fast without having to worry about the maintenance of a backend infrastructure.

Seamless Integration

Get your app to a wider audience by seamlessly integrating it on Android, iOS and the web platforms.

Optimized App Performance

Delight your users with an easy user flow, friction-free onboarding experience and boost your user engagement.

Scalable Cloud Storage

Firebase offers a unique exabyte scalable cloud storage that lets you store huge amounts of data hassle-free and helps you accommodate more users as your app grows.

Built On Google

Firebase is built on Google with immense scalability features that work well for small as well as larger apps.

Generate Traffic

The indexing feature of Firebase helps you increase the overall traffic to your app page through Google and bag more users for the app.

Real Time App Notification

Boost user interaction on your app by notifying them about every action on the app in real time – be it a text message notification or live offers.

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Our Firebase App Development Services

Firebase Cloud Solutions

With Firebase, we can help you store the entire application or website data at the NoSQL cloud database powered by Firebase while ensuring the secure storage and real-time synchronisation.

Firebase Mobile App Development

Firebase allows us to deliver highly targeted and business-oriented mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.

Firebase Web App Development

For web app development, we trust Firebase’s high speed and offline access that ensures a complete and unabated user-experience while interacting with your business.

Firebase Migration & Upgradation

If you are looking to migrate your database services a complete cloud-based platform like Firebase, contact us. We can help you with complete and hassle-free migration with zero downtime.

Firebase Support and Maintenance

We are your trustworthy partners and can help you with any sort of issue or support with your existing Firebase cloud hosting or other Firebase services.

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Our Firebase App Development Process


Knowing is half the battle won, it is true. Discovery is all about knowing what you want from your product. The motive, vision, objective and everything else. We sit down with you, take out a pen and paper, understand your requirements. This is the first building block of a successful project.


Design and Prototyping involve creating a raw sketch of the product and analysing the flow. Starting with wireframing that helps understand the functions to designing the screens and understanding how an app will fuse together, this step is all about enhancing User Experience.


This is where the awesome and award-winning development team at Biwabits brings an idea to life. Since we use best tools to do the coding, we can create agile and scalable solutions in much less time than others.


Deployment is also tricky. With different stores and platforms having multiple guidelines, we help you come out of this cobweb and streamline the whole process. While this makes things easier for you, we create an environment of accessibility and approachability for your users.


After deployment, the development cycle renews. Rest assured that we have the resources to maintain your product and ensure its authenticity and integrity in the market.

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Start your project with us or take existing one to next level. Share your challenge and our team will support you on a journey to deliver a revolutionary digital product.

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